Trade Show Turnaround: Tackling The Airport–Convention Hall Hustle

Posted on: 8 August 2016

When you're exhibiting at a trade show, you're in for a hectic schedule. First there's all the preparation, then the travel, and then setting up the booth. And that's just the beginning. Next you get to spend multiple days on your best behavior interacting with current and prospective clients and vendors. Next time you head off to a faraway city to work a trade show, do yourself a huge favor – make arrangements to use an airport taxi service. The nominal business expense will directly impact your ability to work at peak performance when you're representing your company and its products throughout the convention.

Pre-flight Stress Reduced

Even seasoned travelers can get anxious when they have to deal with airport logistics for a flight to a major business event. Driving to the airport, finding a spot in the long-term parking lot, and walking all the way to the terminal can wear you out before you even get started. The alternative—using an airport taxi service—is much more simple, and far less stressful. The taxi picks you up at your door and delivers directly to the departure area for your airline. When it's time to board, you can be calm instead of worrying about whether you left the headlights on and locked the car doors.

Destination Navigation Hassles Eliminated

It's not unusual to rush from the airport at your destination city straight to the convention hall. Booths need to be set up, the inevitable order changes for electrical service and lighting need to be taken care of, and you've got to make sure that everything's ready to roll by the set-up deadline. When you've booked an airport taxi service, there's plenty of time to decompress from the flight when you leave the navigation up to a professional driver who knows the city streets and shortcuts. You won't end up going in circles, battling unfamiliar traffic patterns, and trying to figure out where to park your rental car.

Expense Reports Simplified

Many taxi services accept credit cards, so the charge can go directly onto your expense account. If you prefer paying by cash, the driver will give you a receipt so you can include it with your expense report when the trade show is over. By using the taxi service, you no longer have to record the mileage for using your own car, tolls, and parking fees for reimbursement. All those little line items are covered by one simple charge.

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