Stay In Compliance With DOT Regulations By Knowing What's Expected Of You

Posted on: 10 July 2017

Your trucking company may be paid to haul freight but you also have to follow the rules that the Department of Transportation firmly enforces. Semi-trucks carry everything from fresh produce to trailers full of heavy artillery. Dot Compliance in necessary for preventing deadly accidents that can stop traffic on major interstates to ensuring that only law-abiding and ethical drivers are on the roadways. Your company will remain in compliance with DOT regulations if you communicate the standards that your drivers are to adhere to, keep notes on vehicle maintenance and stay actively prepared for DOT compliance auditing.

Keeping Drivers Informed of DOT Compliance Rules

Drivers of commercial vehicle need CDL licenses, and any driver who is regulated by Department of Transportation rules has to know what is outline within them. DOT regulations require drivers to operate their vehicles safely at all times and must fill out an accident report even if they have a minor collision. Commercial drivers also have to report any driving traffics or offenses that occur when they are off-duty.

Logging Driver Mileage According to Department of Transportation Rules

The Department of Transportation has regulations set forth that require written driving logs for both commercial drivers and vehicles. Determine if you need to hold your drivers responsible for logging all of their miles or if you should be maintaining records for your vehicles and your employees. During an audit, you will need to show reports for all vehicles and employed drivers that account for mileage logged within specific time frames.

Checking and Documenting All Vehicle Maintenance

If you want to be able to say to the Department of Transportation that your vehicles are safe there needs to be adequate vehicle maintenance records on site. All DOT regulated vehicles should be inspected prior to and after being driven, and more thorough safety checks also need to be administered after an accident report is made.

Checking Drivers For Drug and Alcohol Dependency

DOT compliance additionally requires that employers screen their drivers for illegal drugs and alcohol consumption. Before hiring a new driver you must receive a negative drug screening, and existing drivers also have to be tested again over the course of their careers. Any driver who has drugs or alcohol in their system must be relieved from transportation and safely related duties in order to satisfy DOT compliance regulations. 

Preparing For DOT Compliance Audits

You won't be informed in advance when a DOT compliance is to take place so you must operate you company as if an audit could happen anytime. Keep DOT regulations posted in auspicious areas, send your drivers to DOT compliance help seminars for further training and check your commercial vehicles on a tight and consistent schedule.