Learn How to Drive a Dump Truck for a Career

Posted on: 10 December 2019

People generally want to find a job that can turn into a career. There are a lot of jobs that are always in high demand and will usually always pay well. If you like driving, one of the best ways you could make a living would be to become a professional driver of big equipment like dump trucks. Dump truck drivers have a lot of opportunities in a variety of ways, so there are a few good reasons to consider this career.

The Bar of Entry Is Relatively Low

Being able to drive a dump truck isn't difficult. If you have a general acumen for driving and good spacial awareness, then getting all of the requirements needed won't be hard. You'll need to start by getting a CDL driver's license. The course to get certified is usually only a few weeks in most schools. Once you have that license the basic CDL license, you can operate a dump truck. Some jobs may require you to get additional training and licensing, but in most cases that will not be an issue. Getting on with a construction company in your area will give you some initial experience that will look good on a resume. 

Get Boundless Opportunities with Experience

Starting in basic home construction or landscaping will help you gain experience and hone your skills without much pressure. With a year or two of basic driving experience and a clean commercial driving record, the opportunities will open up for bigger jobs. Big commercial pavement companies, state highway positions, and even oil site companies look for those dump truck drivers that can contribute to larger-scale projects and do so safely. These bigger companies also offer much higher-paying jobs and security for those drivers that have a good record and are properly trained.

Start Your Own Business

With a variety of experience, your career as a dump truck driver can take you to a place of owning your own business. Many experienced CDL dump truck drivers end up starting a company. This could mean owning a dump truck or eventually owning several dump trucks and hiring drivers that you can supervise to transport materials. CDL drivers with a lot of experience can do very well with their own business, especially if they can start by owning one or two trucks and then expanding as the business grows. Learn more about starting a dump truck service by contacting services like Hoelscher Bobby Trucking Inc.

As long as the world is building things, someone will always need professional drivers. Getting a license and driving a dump truck could lead you to the goal of independence and owning a successful company that you can pass down on to your family.