A Rental Van That Offers Safety, Storage, And Comfort

Posted on: 4 June 2021

A handicap-accessible van is a van that has been converted to stow away one or more wheelchairs. Modified vehicles will support a rider's preference to remain seated in their chair and may include a platform lift and safety railings, which will aid with entering and exiting a vehicle. If a modified vehicle is needed for a road trip, rent a van that provides safety, storage, and comfort features.

The Access Points And Restraints

View and test out a few handicap rental vans. The size allotted for each handicap entrance and the manner in which a wheelchair needs to be secured should be examined during your visit to a rental outfitter. If the party who will be using a wheelchair won't be with you during the initial testing process, acquire the dimensions of their wheelchair beforehand.

An automatic or manual lift may extend outward from each van type. The lift will support a maximum amount of weight and may include a metal framework and safety rails, which will aid in keeping the handicapped person safely contained while they are being lifted and lowered.

A modified van will contain a manual, retractable, or power restraint system. With a manual or a retractable model, tie-downs will need to be secured along the front and the back of the wheelchair. An automatic restraint will allow a rider to line up their chair, prior to the security system automatically engaging.

The Cargo Area

The amount of cargo space that a rental provides will be directly tied to the model of a van and whether or not a third row of seats is within the confines of a vehicle. A modified van may contain seating that is directly behind the driver and passenger seats. If extra seating has been eliminated, there will be more room for a wheelchair to maneuver through a rental.

There will also be ample room for bags, luggage, and any gear that you and the other passengers will be bringing along. Determine where you will place possessions inside of each rental. Some vehicles may feature built-in shelving or storage compartments, which will omit needing to pile items up along the floorboard of a van.

Comfort Aids

The comfort of each passenger should be addressed since the time spent driving to your destination could be lengthy. Look for a rental that provides cushioned seats, armrests, central air and heat, cruise control, and extra legroom. During a test drive of each vehicle, you will learn how a rental van handles and can pinpoint whether or not you will feel confident about driving a vehicle for the proposed group outing. 

For more information about handicap-accessible rental vans, contact a local rental company.