Vital Reasons To Apply For And Get Overweight Permits For Your Truck

Posted on: 24 March 2022

As a semi truck driver, you may be expected to haul loads of all sizes. You also must abide by both state and federal laws while you haul goods to and from your clients' locations. 

When you are hired to haul an especially large load, you may need to secure the right paperwork before heading out on the road. You may benefit from getting overweight permits to haul these loads successfully.

Proper Notification

When you apply for and get overweight permits for particularly heavy or large loads, you put the rightful parties on notice. For example, you may need to notify the department of transportation in the state where you are hauling. This department may need to advise you on what roads to drive to ensure the paved highways and roadways can support the weight of your truck.

You also may need to notify the weigh stations along the route of your large or heavy load. This notification might spare you from having to stop at the weigh stations. You may be able to progress along the route without having to stop and have your truck bed weighed or measured.

Avoiding Fines

Another reason to get overweight permits for your oversized loads involves avoiding fines and tickets. If you drive without this kind of permit, you could be ticketed and fined for illegal hauling. You may have to pay thousands of dollars in fines for hauling a load that is not safe for the road conditions.

However, the overweight permits you secure can prevent law enforcement from ticketing or fining you. You can show proof that the county or state has permitted you to carry such a large load on public roadways. You have already paid the fees associated with such a large haul.

Covering Liabilities

Finally, overweight permits may be used in part to cover any liabilities involved with hauling oversized or heavy loads. The money you pay might pay for cleanup if the load tips over and spills out on the roadway. It also might pay some or all of the damages your truck causes to highway shoulders or bridges. The county, state, or federal highway authorities may use some of the costs you paid for overweight permits to pay for repairs and cleanup in case of an accident.

Overweight permits may allow you to haul heavy or oversized loads. They alert the proper authorities and law enforcement of your right to haul such loads. They may also cover some of the liabilities involved with these hauls.

Contact an organization that deals with overweight permits to learn more.