5 Elegant Ways To Use Taxis For Wedding Transportation

Posted on: 28 January 2016

It's easy for a wedding budget to get out of hand. Instead of splurging on expensive forms of transportation to the wedding or reception hall, you can save a few bucks and still ride in style. By renting taxis for your wedding day, you can have professional transportation at a fraction of the cost that comes with luxury vehicles. By taking a little extra time to plan, you can have taxis that have elegant features and meets the needs for your wedding party. Browse through five different ways that taxis can be used elegantly at your wedding.

Unmarked Transport Car

When a person thinks of a taxi cab, it's typically the traditional yellow taxi cab that comes to mind. Large taxi fleets often have more elegant ride options that will not look as tacky on a wedding day. When booking a taxi service, you should request unmarked transport cars. These taxis are typically used for reserved taxi service and do not travel on the roads for daily pick-ups. The unmarked car features comfort and style as you and the wedding party arrive at the venue. Along with the standard sedan, additional options may be available like a large SUV.

Taxi Reservations

Be on time and prepared to arrive at your wedding venue by booking the taxis ahead of time. Plan out how many passengers you will need and the times that you will need the taxis for. Consider different options including the time to drop you off for the ceremony or for transportation to a separate reception area. The taxi booking will typically cover the whole time that you wedding is going on. This means that the taxis will be waiting and ready to go when the ceremony ends. It's nice to see all the cars lined up and ready to go when the ceremony ends.

Shuttle Buses

For larger parties, you can fit more people on a shuttle bus instead of booking separate cars. Many taxi companies use shuttle buses for larger parties and airport service. The shuttle buses can accommodate extra guests to your wedding or the whole wedding party once the ceremony is over. When the shuttle bus arrives at a location, it offers an elegant way for everyone to get off together in a single line. This helps create great video and photography moments.

Hybrid Taxis

If you're hosting a green wedding, you can reduce waste and the carbon footprint further by booking hybrid taxis for the ceremony. The taxis feature electric power that helps reduce the carbon emissions that are released to the air. Instead of having all of the guests use their own cars, you can rent multiple hybrid taxis to help reduce waste and provide a uniform way of transporting guests to the ceremony and reception.

The use of hybrid taxis is also a great way to show that you are hosting a green wedding. The taxis are often labeled with their hybrid technology on the side. This point can also be further emphasized in the wedding invitations, so that you guests are aware that it is a green wedding.

Ramp Taxis

Provide an elegant and easy way for guests to travel to your wedding with a ramp taxi. For many ceremonies, grandparents are an essential part of the wedding. If a grandparent or elderly guest is physically limited, then a ramp taxi can provide them with the proper transportation. An automatic lift ramp extends outside the fan and makes it easy to stand on or place a wheelchair on. Before booking ramp taxis, it's important to count how many guests will need to use this type of transportation.

At the end of the day, the ride will be great and your wedding memories will overtake it all. Call well in advance to ensure that the taxis are properly booked for your special day.