Heading To A Big Concert? 5 Reasons To Hire A Limo

Posted on: 21 August 2023

A once-in-a-lifetime concert experience is the high point of the year — or longer — for many Americans. And as you plan for yours, should you hire a limousine for the trip? The answer could be yes, both for practical and emotional reasons. Here are a few that could make your big night out even better. 

1. Pregame Safely

Drinks at venues are increasingly expensive, so many concertgoers like to start with a drink or two at home instead. But, of course, you should never do this and then drive to the venue. When you hire a chauffeur-driven car, no one has to be the designated driver and no one has to worry someone will renege on that role. 

2. Make the Trip Easy

Are you headed to a nearby city for the concert? Going to a venue for the first time? Not sure how to navigate the narrow and traffic-heavy streets around it? Just want to enjoy yourself rather than worry over timing, traffic, and understanding the GPS's directions above your excited friends? Let the limo driver take care of everything. 

3. Save Money

Going with a group? Many people do! Do your entire squad a favor and pool your money together. Hire a limo that holds everyone. You aren't paying for multiple rideshares or gas in separate vehicles. And no one has to pay the often exorbitant parking fees at many venues. When you do the math, you may find that the per-hour or evening cost for a limo or executive car is actually a better deal than DIY-ing transportation. 

4. Get the Party Started

Limos let you and your friends get the party started in the back an hour or more earlier. This is a chance to compare your outfits, snap your selfies, and rock out the musician's greatest hits as loud as you like. Think of this as a pre-show tailgating party — especially if the venue doesn't allow parking lot tailgating. 

5. Make It a Moment

Scoring tickets to your favorite artist live and in person is something to celebrate. Mark it by adding on some special elements. Few splurges make something more special than getting a limousine. Most people ride in one only a handful of times in their entire lives. Going to see Taylor Swift with their besties should be one of them. 

Where to Start

Could a rented limousine be the perfect start and/or ending to your evening? Find out by learning more about options, prices, and amenities. Contact an event limo service in your concert area today.