4 Things To Know Before Arranging For Flatbed Transportation

Posted on: 22 March 2017

If you need to ship something via flatbed transportation for your business for the first time, there are some things that you need to know. There is a variety of information they are going to need from you, and that you are going to need from them, to ensure that the arrangement is a good fit for both parties. Here are a few things you need to know before you call and arrange for flatbed transportation to ensure that the call goes as smoothly as possible.

#1 What Are You Shipping

To start with, the flatbed freight company is going to want to know what exactly you are shipping, so be prepared to share this information. You should have a list of all of the types of items that you will be shipping ready to share with the freight shipping company.

They need this information so that they can make sure that they have the right equipment needed to effectively ship your products. They may also have restrictions on the type of products that they ship.

#2 Dimensions & Weight

Second, you need to know the dimensions and weight of the items that you want to ship. With most loads, the dimensions should not be a really big issues. Items can be arranged in a different manner so that they fit on the truck. However, if the items you need shipped are oversized, a permit may need to be obtained for shipping them.

What is far more important, from the perspective of the flatbed shipping company, is the weight of your items. They need to keep the total weight of their freight load within certain parameters or limits. They cannot weigh down their truck.

#3 The Value Of What You Are Shipping

Next, you need to know the value of all of the items that you are shipping and if the products are new or used. Once you know the value of what you are shipping, you need to make sure that the flatbed shipping company carries enough liability coverage per freight to cover your goods. You don't want the value of your goods to exceed their liability coverage. If anything where to happen to your shipment, you would not be fully compensated for it if the value of it exceeds their insurance coverage.

#4 Loading & Unloading Needs

Finally, the flatbed shipping company will need to know your loading and unloading needs. Are you going to load and unload the truck on your own? Do you need assistance with this task? Will a crane need to be used, or just a forklift? This information will help them choose the right freight truck for your job.