Benefits Of Using A Taxi Service Vs. A Rental Car

Posted on: 2 April 2017

If you're planning a trip to a big city, a major component of piecing together your travel puzzle is your transportation to and from and upon arrival. If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing past a 25 mile radius, renting a car may be the best option. But if you plan on staying within the city limits or just past the outskirts of town, consider utilizing taxi services. Here are some benefits to finding a taxi to help transport you to your destination.

Time Saver

Finding the rental car department or the rental car itself at the airport or rental company isn't always time savvy. It can take up a chunk of time out of your itinerary if you're stuck waiting for your rental car. Hailing a taxi cab is quick and efficient. Not only is it a time saver, it's also convenient. In many cases, a taxi will help assist you with loading your bags into the trunk or backseat of the taxi if you request to do so.

Safely Takes You Straight To Your Destination

Not familiar with the town you'll be visiting? Getting lost can rack miles on your rental car and prevent you from arriving at your destination on time. Also, if you're not familiar with the mountains or terrain in the area, driving a rental vehicle can be challenging and distracting. Having a taxi driver safely pick you up from your hotel and deliver you to your exact destination makes that portion of your travel experience a confident and secure one.


In most cases, you'll save money by choosing a taxi service over a rental car. The rates are more affordable because your taxi cab driver will choose the best route possible to save you time and money on your fare. Rental cars not only charge you by the mile, but there are also underlying fees and taxes involved with the total transaction. If you're a day or two late returning a rental and want to extend your trip, additional charges will apply with your rental agreement. Taxi cab rates are flat fees that are charged by the distance you go and not a mile further.

Around The Clock Service

Many rental car companies close at an early time and open at a specific time in the morning. They generally don't offer 24 hour service. When you call a taxi, they run around the clock—seven days a week. This lessens the restrictions you may experience on having to depart from your destination at a time that wasn't planned. Should an emergency arise and you need to leave for the airport or bus station in the middle of the night, a taxi is there to service your needs right away.

Rental cars are beneficial in many travel situations, but a taxi offers more flexibility and affordable pricing options. Contact a taxi company, like City Cab, or hail a taxi cab today to see the timely benefits they have to offer you.