Advantages To Hiring A Drone Service For Your Aerial Filming Needs

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Whether you're an independent filmmaker, someone wanting to put together a TV commercial for your business, or anyone else with filming needs, you may have a desire to attain some aerial shots. To accomplish this goal, the conventional approach is to hire an airplane or helicopter and put your film crew aboard it. However, the recent availability of drones gives you an alternative. Instead of using a plane or helicopter, you can hire aerial film production services, outfit the drone with an HD camera, and get all of the footage you need. Here are some advantages of taking this approach.

It's Less Expensive

A significant advantage of using a drone for your aerial photography is that it provides you with a cost-effective alternative to traditional means of getting your aerial shots. There's little question that hiring a plane or helicopter with a trained pilot and a film crew will add up financially. And, if you're shooting an independent film, TV commercial, or student project, the cost of this approach may exceed your budget. Conversely, attaining your aerial images with a drone is inexpensive. You can hire a local drone operator for much less than you'd pay for the other scenario.

Certain Shots Are Easier

Opting to get your aerial shots with the help of a drone gives you the possibility of attaining certain shots that may be difficult, dangerous, or impossible with a phone or helicopter. Depending on what you're filming, you may want video close to a building or other obstacles, such as the side of a mountain or a thicket of trees. Planes and helicopters can only get so close to such obstacles. With a drone being controlled by a skilled pilot, however, this aerial vehicle may be able to hover or fly just feet from these immovable objects, resulting in you getting some eye-catching footage.

There Are Fewer Obstacles

While using a plane or helicopter can get you the shots you desire, these methods of transportation may come with some obstacles. For example, if you want to do some aerial filming in certain areas, you may need to apply for a permit. This process can take time, which might not be something of which you have a surplus. There are fewer obstacles to using an aerial drone. Unless there's a specific no-fly rule in a given area, your drone pilot will be able to operate the drone wherever you need.