First Time In A Limo? 4 Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Posted on: 27 July 2017

If you are being offered to ride in a limo that someone else has paid for, it is important to understand the etiquette that comes with riding in a limo as well as one extra etiquette rule that applies to riding as a guest in the limo.

#1 Limo Power Seat

In a limo, not all seats are created the same. The power seat in a limo is the seat that is in the back right of the limo. This seat is the focal seat that all the other seats are directed towards. This seat faces forward and allows everyone in the limo to see the person seated there and allows people outside the limo to see that individual when the doors are opened. This seat and should be offered to the individual who paid for the limo or who contributed the greatest amount of money to the limo. If you all paid equally for the limo but one person did all the planning for the evening, it would be nice to give the person who did all the legwork the power seat.

#2 Getting Into The Limo

When you get into the limo, you should sit down on the seat by the door, bring your legs in and then slide on down to the appropriate seat. Don't try to climb into the limo to get to the seat that you want. Sit down and scoot your way to the right seat. This will allow you to choose the best place to sit and will allow you to ensure that you don't climb over anyone else while getting into the limo or damage the seats.

#3 Getting Out Of The Limo

You should wait until the chauffeur opens the doors to get out of the limo. That is the best way to ensure that the limo has been properly parked before getting out of the limo. You don't want to assume that it is safe to get out of the limo and open the door while the driver is still trying to secure safe parking.

The last person who got in the limo and is closest to the door should be the first one to get out of the limo. Getting out of the limo in relation to the order that you are seated close to the door will ensure that no one has to climb over anyone to get out of the limo and will ensure that the limo doesn't get damaged as you are exiting the limo.

#4 Tip With Cash

At the end of the night, when you are done with your limo ride, it is nice to tip the driver. Even if you were not the one who primarily paid for the limo, you can still tip the driver or contribute to the tip. A great tip is like in a restaurant, around 15 to 20 percent of the total bill for the tip. If the driver got you to where you needed to go safely and made the experience enjoyable and fun, and didn't take away from your group's experience, they deserve a tip. 

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