Should Drones Be Used To Inspect An Aircraft?

Posted on: 19 August 2017

One of the great things about technological innovation is that tasks that were once difficult to perform are now much easier in ways that are surprising. Drones are an example of this type of technology. These drones are being used to perform inspections before the planes are then leased to customers. 

The Value Of Drones

For companies that are not using drones yet, workers must use telescopic handler vehicles in order to inspect planes. However, this approach can place inspectors in harm's way. This is especially useful when the airplane must be inspected under adverse weather conditions. Not only is the job conventionally dangerous, but it is also a slow and tiresome process. 

Drones Vs. Conventional Inspection Methods

Drones are able to inspect planes much faster than an inspector using a telescopic handler vehicle. The drone does not have to be piloted, but will instead fly around the plan on a pre-determined route. A camera is used to take pictures of every portion of the airplane. Hundreds of pictures can be taken to create a 3D model of a plane that can then be examined by inspectors. This allows for potential problems involving the plane to be tracked and it also allows for technicians to reduce the risk of damage.

The Importance Of A Conventional Inspection

While drones can be useful, they might not be a replacement for a more conventional plane inspection. Inspections must be thorough. For instance, there might be a panel that appears to be in good condition but is hiding damage underneath. Every part must be inspected in order to determine whether it is worn. As an aircraft buyer, you should also make sure that the aircraft has an extensive maintenance history. Businesses that maintain aircraft are highly scrutinized and if the aircraft received its regular checkups, it is much more likely that it will function properly. 

Understanding What Is At Stake

Having your aircraft inspected by professionals is highly recommended. Maintenance issues that are not corrected can become very expensive. The longer that a maintenance problem goes unresolved, the more expensive that the repair will eventually be. Also, a defective airplane is much more likely to crash. If it is discovered that you have not properly maintained your aircraft, you may be held liable in civil or criminal court. But fortunately, given how professional pre-lease inspections are, you can know that you can trust their inspection reports.

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