Take Care Of A Rental Vehicle

Posted on: 21 April 2018

If the vehicle that you own isn't dependable and is in need of repairs, you may have chosen to rent a car or van to transport you and your children to your vacation destination. Take care of the vehicle that you have rented with the following tips so that you will not incur additional fees after returning the car to the car rental company.

Cover Upholstery And Use Mats

Rental vehicles often have pristine interiors because they are cleaned thoroughly prior to being rented. To minimize staining in the vehicle that you select, use blankets or cloths to cover upholstered surfaces.

The rental vehicle that you have acquired may have paper floormats covering the floorboard. If so, tell your children that you would like them to be careful when getting in and out of the vehicle so that the papers remain in place. Be wary of any mud that gets on the papers. If this occurs, dispose of the paper mats and replace them with new ones or pieces of cardboard.

Ban Food And Beverages

Tell your children that food and drinks other than bottled water will be prohibited while riding in the rental vehicle. Make a point of stopping at rest areas periodically so that you and your children can grab a bite to eat and to avoid hearing complaints from your children due to them being hungry every few minutes as you are trying to focus on driving. 

Check Fluids And Refuel

Avoid a predicament in which the rental vehicle overheats or the engine begins rattling by servicing the vehicle throughout the roadtrip. Read the manual that came with the vehicle to determine how many miles per gallon of fuel the vehicle is capable of driving.

Plan on refueling every few hours. When you are at a gas station, take the time to check the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant tank levels and use a tire gauge to determine if more air is needed in any of the vehicle's tires.

Limit The Type Of Items That Are Packed

Avoid overpacking the vehicle's interior so that you and your children are provided with plenty of room and to minimize messes that need to be cleaned up after you arrive at your destination.

Place a small waste bin in the center console so that you and your children can throw away tissues or scraps of paper. Allow your kids to bring a couple toys with them that do not contain many parts or materials that could spill onto the upholstered seats or floorboard.