3 Ways To Keep Everyone Safe When Arranging Chartered Bus Transportation During This Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted on: 10 September 2020

Whether you and your group are traveling for work, education, or leisure purposes, chartering a bus will get everyone to your destination at the same time so you can maintain some organization through your event. But in today's time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we must take precautions. It's everyone's responsibility to keep each other safe and healthy – here are a few ways you can do that during your chartered trip:

Invest in Professional Cleaning

Even though the charter company will clean the inside of the bus that you'll be using beforehand, you can provide yourself and everyone who will be riding on the bus with some extra peace of mind by hiring a professional to come out and sanitize the entire inside of the bus before anyone gets on it. Doing so will allow riders to see the cleaning happen so they know that their best interests are being kept in mind. And it will allow you to verify that every surface on the bus has been treated by a qualified professional who understands what cleaning products and chemicals to use for disinfection purposes.

Create a Set of Guidelines

Another effective way to keep your passengers safe on the charter bus is to create a short set of guidelines for everyone to follow before, during, and after riding on the bus. For example, you could ask everyone to wash their hands and put on masks before getting onto the bus. While on the bus, people should leave every other seat empty to maintain some distance from one another.

They should keep their masks on and take care not to move around the bus while traveling. After getting off the bus, everyone should wash their hands again. Sit down and make a list of guidelines you think would benefit everyone as a whole and then narrow them down based on whether you feel passengers would be comfortable complying to.

Plan a Short Presentation  

It's also a good idea to make sure that all your passengers are educated about the risk of Covid-19 and how to protect themselves when in public settings. You can use a whiteboard or put together a presentation on the computer using information that the CDC provides. Or you could even print the presentation out and distribute it a few days before your trip so everyone can read it in their own time at home.

Create a list of points you want to cover, then write a sentence or two that explains those points. Then use the information you've written to create your presentation. Make the presentation short but informative so people don't get bored and miss crucial information. If you're printing the information to distribute, use large print and headers so it's all easy to read and digest.

If you're considering a charter bus transportation rental at this time, consider also contacting the charter service to see how they are keeping their buses clean.